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Domain tools November 11, 2008

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There are lot of tools found online to check domain availability. Any domain name cannot be repeated. But it can be changed by inserting numbers or hyphens. For ex a domain cutewallpapers.com is already in use, so you can alter it as cute-wallpapers.com, cutewallpapers123.com or can add some frequently used search terms to the desired domain name like freecutewallpapers.com

If these ideas don’t satisfy then go for this one. Just change the domain extension. cutewallpapers.net, org, co. in etc., Ok, let’s come to our topic. What are domain tools and for what they are used.

Whois – This is a user friendly tool, ease to access and more helpful.

Just type your domain name in the tool and select the extension. It provides free availability results including the registration details.


Check out these links for who is lookup



Ping test tool – This is another important tool for webmasters. Pinging is an effective way to check your websites. Just enter your web address and ping it. You can find whether the site is online or off line.


Domain Extensions November 3, 2008

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Every domain starts with the term www (World Wide Web) and ends with an extension. In most cases the domain extensions will be related to the service provided by the website. But it’s up to the web masters. There are no sealed rules for selecting an extension.

Most common domain extensions which are universal and well known among online surfers are

.biz – Informal term for business

.info – Information

.mobi – Mobile

.name – Personal

.pro – Professional

.tv – Television

Have you have any idea of extensions that indicates the launch place, country and region of the website. Here is the list of domain extensions that are specific and infrequent.

.in – India

co.in – commerical.in

ind.in – individual name, India

org.in – organization name, India

.gen.in – general, name

.firm.in – firm name, India

.ca – Canada

.us – United States

.ar – America

.ar.com – America, commercial

.br.com – Brazil, commercial

.uy.com – Uruguay, commercial

.es – Spain

.eu – Europe

.se – Sweden

.me.uk – individual name, united kingdom

.hu.com – Hungary

.no – Norway

.at – Austria

.be – Belgium

.de – German

.nom.es – individual name, Spain

.gb – Great Britain

.za.com – South Africa, commercial

.sa.com – Saudi Arabia, commercial

.ch – china

.cc – Pacific Ocean

.co.nz – commercial, New Zealand

.ws – Western Samoa

.fm – fm radio

.cx – Christmas Island

.kr.com – Korea, commercial

.ru – Russia

.jpn – Japan

.la – Laos

.bz – Belize

How to choose a perfect Domain name? November 1, 2008

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First and important step to begin a website is to select

A domain name is the initial of a website. There are no certain restrictions for naming a website, it can be alphanumeric, numeric or characters but there are some principles to make the best. Domain length should not exceed 76 characters.

It includes numbers, English alphabets and hyphens one or more.

Domain name should be user friendly, smart and catchy. Most important point to name a website is the domain name should be related to the content, product, service of the website. A domain should be short and crisp.

Should be easy to remember and type. It should not twist your fingers and mind.


An online bouquet shop can be named as


A web development company can be named as


A personal blog can be named as